Jadavpur. 12 December 2009. Sanchita Roychowdhury

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Sanchita Roychowdhury
Marifoti, Agomoni and others
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This conversation with Sanchita Roychowdhury, whom we familiarly know as Jhun, and who has been a long-time friend, took place in my house in the winter of 2009. Sukanta had been working with Jhun and others on a project to restore old recordings of her father, Ranen Roychowdhury (1925-1985), the legendary singer of Bengali folk songs. The songs were released on a CD , Pari Dhoro Sujano Naiya, by Lok Saraswati in 2008. Over the years I had had had several discussions with Jhun about her father’s music, her own practise, and other related matters. So this time we thought of recording a formal conversation with her, to add to our archive.



Conversation at 26H

tta Immersed in a Ranen Roychowdhury song

Written by Moushumi in 2018