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Sukanta Majumdar It was a summer afternoon in 2003 or ’04, I can’t clearly recall, on our way back from Surul to Santiniketan, when Moushumi asked me if I would join her project on “biraher gaan” as a research assistant. I was still at film school, studying sound recording. She wanted me primarily as a … Continue reading OF THE RECORD


Tareque had opened for me the possibility of having a new country; a country of the mind. What connected me to him was the fact that both of us were engaged in a kind of cartography, mapping our fragmented land of Bengal with songs and stories, crossing boundaries, making mental journeys to distant geographies, playing … Continue reading MAP-MAKING WITH TAREQUE


Response is about how people have responded to our work of The Travelling Archive so far. But more than just stringing the comments in the Press and from friends, also people we do not personally know, this section opens up roads which can take us in endless directions. Those whose voices we have brought to … Continue reading Response

record label

Travelling Archive Records is a record label which comes out of field recordings made in the course of our continuing journey through Bengal and other connected places. What we are presenting here are audio essays, in the format of the CD, in which our own recordings are woven in with recordings made by others, songs … Continue reading record label

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Shibaditya Sen

We mourn the passing of Shibda, Shibaditya Sen (1952-2018), our teacher in Santiniketan. Gone too soon, and another light has faded out of our sky.
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