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If someone asks what are they are singing about, reply, what is you are listening about? What are you looking at?–Ruchir Joshi in Eleven Miles In this journey, the word baul has been one of the most difficult to understand and interpret. There are countless works and initiatives on the bauls—religious studies, ethnomusicological and anthropological … Continue reading Baul

Baul Fakir Utsav Journals

The Baul Fakir Utsav, held in the first, sometimes second weekend of January every year in our south Kolkata neighbourhood of Jadavpur-Shaktigarh, is a festival a group of friends have been organising since 2006. We are also in that group. The festival journal in Bangla brings to us many ideas expressed in many voices and … Continue reading Baul Fakir Utsav Journals

Rangan Momen

Rangan Momen, a London based Bengali, runs Sadhu Guru Boishnob Recordings, a label dedicated to producing high quality field recordings of Baul-Fakir songs and music, mainly from the Nadia region of Bengal. All the recordings are done in a village in the Bangladesh side of Nadia and recorded by people within the Baul-Fakir community. Sadhu … Continue reading Rangan Momen

Nimai’s dotara falls silent

Nimai Chand Goswami, the baul musician who passed away on 14 June 2014, was on our first ever field recording session. Moushumi had been to his house in Suripara, Bolpur in November 2003 with Sudheer Palsane, who recorded the session on a Sony PD 150 DV camera, even before the first IFA grant was announced. … Continue reading Nimai’s dotara falls silent


Sukanta Majumdar It was a summer afternoon in 2003 or ’04, I can’t clearly recall, on our way back from Surul to Santiniketan, when Moushumi asked me if I would join her project on “biraher gaan” as a research assistant. I was still at film school, studying sound recording. She wanted me primarily as a … Continue reading OF THE RECORD


Deben Bhattacharya (1921-2001) was essentially a traveller into worlds of music. He was born in Varanasi, into a family of Sanskrit scholars and practitioners of traditional medicine, which had earlier migrated to this north Indian centre of learning from Faridpur in Bangladesh. A man who could not conform to formal education, Deben Bhattacharya went in … Continue reading DEBEN BHATTACHARYA

Surma News Office, Quaker Street, East London. 27 February 2007. Ahmed Moyez

This was my second meeting with Ahmed Moyez, Sukanta’s frst. I had met him in August 2006 in the office of Betar Bangla–a Bengali/Bangadeshi, more specifically Sylheti, radio station in Bethnal Green. Ruhul Amin, Sylheti filmmaker in London, had taken me there and many other people had also come—mainly students and intellectuals from the Sylheti … Continue reading Surma News Office, Quaker Street, East London. 27 February 2007. Ahmed Moyez

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Shibaditya Sen

We mourn the passing of Shibda, Shibaditya Sen (1952-2018), our teacher in Santiniketan. Gone too soon, and another light has faded out of our sky.
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